Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not fighting with myself

It continues to surprise me that when I am at peace with Jack, that is, when I am not warring with myself, I can be at peace with others. If I don't feel stressed, chances are I won't make any one else feel stressed. If I am not beating myself up over something I did or said, I won't be so inclined to beat up others for something done or said. If I don't make unreasonable demands upon Jack, I won't be making unreasonable demands on people around me. And vice versa. If I am smiling, I can spread a little joy around. If I am laughing, I find others will laugh with me. If I am kind, others show me kindness.

This morning I asked God to lift the fears, anger, and intolerance from me and replace those character defects with tolerance, kindness, and love. I have to ask for help often if I want to stay on His track.

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