Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Reliance on HP

Well here I am, grateful to be alive today. All this talk about HP lately (with my sponsor, at the noon time, at the 3rd step meeting Wednesday night) is working. I am more willing these days to rely on HP than I had been in the past. I find I need his guidance and strength more and more. He helps me to look at myself, at the silly things I think and do, and he helps me to make note of them, to make changes, corrections. He helps me to change my attitude when necessary. He helps me cope when I feel desperate. It appears to me that a trust and faith in and a willingness to turn my will over to the care of HP is really my only choice if I want to stay sober. Calling the shots and trying to run the show myself is like driving a bulldozer with one broken tread. I end up barging around in circles, digging up the dirt everywhere.

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